The following categories contain a list of valuable higher education resources. Please click on the subheadings to see a list of resources that we have compiled.

California Institutions of Higher Education

This section will help you explore the various College and University Systems in California.

College Preparation Tools

Many colleges have requirements that need to be meet before you qualify for admission.The resources in this section will help you to determine what you need to do to meet those requirements.

College Entrance Exam Information and Assistance

If you have to take the SAT or ACT exam then you will want to review the material in this section.

College Re-Entry

If you started working right after high school and you now want to enter college then the resources in this section will greatly benefit you.

Financial Aid

Many students need financial aid in order to be able to afford college. College OPTIONS has compiled a list of valuable websites that will help you learn about and find financial aid.

General Resources for Parents and Educators

This section helps parents and educators to prepare young ones for a college education.

Local Graduate Education Information

Are you looking to pursue a masters degree? If so then you will want to view the resources in this section.

Local Scholarships

Local scholarships are helping numerous students from Shasta and Siskiyou counties to afford college.

Services for College Students

College Students can often benefit from added assistance. If that is true for you please consider the resources in this section.

Transfer Information and Local Transfer Options

If you about to graduate from community college and want to obtain your Bachelors degree then please review this section.